3D Nintendo DS Coming? Codename: Nintendo 3DS

By on March 23, 2010

Hey Gamers!  So, last night, in the wee hours news about the Nintendo 3DS snuck in like a ninja.  Seriously, just like a raid leader set to loot master.

We found a Japanese press release on Nintendo’s Japanese Site that talks about the launch of a 3D handheld that launches before March 2011 to be announced at E3 this year. Apparently the handheld will operate without 3D glasses. People are saying either there is a crazy expensive new type of screen or maybe the camera will do head motion tracking while you are playing and adjust the display based on where you are. What do I say?


Like… Obi-wan-you’re-my-only-hope-status holograms.

Yes. Holograms. The future is finally coming to us in the form of holograms. Unfortunately, Nintendo still can’t create an original property and we’ll only get Hologram Mario and Hologram Zelda. They’ll be great games of course but 3D versions of games you’ve played 900 times before.

Check out the original press release:

When ran through Google Translate:

For the launch of a new handheld
Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan, Satoru Iwata, president) is a game enjoyed by the naked eye 3D image Suridiesu
\”Nintendo 3 DS\” (tentative name), and was released in 2011 quarter three.
Suridiesu \”Nintendo 3 DS\” (tentative name) is a way around the world in 2009 from 12 at the end of our
Ke 2500 consolidated sales rise to 100 million units, \”Nintendo DS Series\” is a new portable game console and the successor of the Nintendo DS, including Nintendo DSi Shimo Tamotsu cart software compatibility for the series enjoy We.
More details will be found in the 2010 June 15, a video game exhibition will be held in the United States from Rosanzeru Su will be announced at the E3 show.

So yes folks.  A New Nintendo Handheld System, tentatively called the Nintendo 3DS, which will be capable of displaying games in 3-dimensions without the use of special glasses, will be available for the public to see come 2010 E3 Expo.

Holy shnikes, people.  You better think about getting your passes soon.

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