Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, worth the money?

By on February 4, 2011
The Brotherhood

The BrotherhoodThe new Assassins Creed game is an awesome installment to the assassins franchise. I didn’t buy the second Assassins Creed but i brought, and loved, the first one. So as soon as I heard about AC Brotherhood it was in my shopping basket. If you have never played Assassins Creed before its about a man called Desmond who is put into a machine called, the Animus, which basically allows him to relive his ancestors memories. In the first AC you play as Altair in several area such as jerusalem. In AC 2 you play as Ezio in Italy. AC Brotherhood follows on from AC 2 and you still play as Ezio but only in the city of Rome, which is a big old city. I’m here to review the game so I wont go into any detail on the story apart from letting you know the fact that is really gripping and will really want you to keep playing. There are a lot of cool and unique features about assassins creed that make it so popular such as the free-running the game is based on. This is really fun to do and, for me, the best way to get around. In AC Brotherhood you can actually ride your horse around the city of Rome, which will come to you with a quick whistle, but its still more fun to charge up buildings and jump over the rooftops. There are a lot of little things to do in the game asides from the main storyline, such as the existence of Borgia towers. These are large towers within a enemy radius who will attack you when you enter. The goal is to simply find and kill the Borgia captain before scaling the tower and setting it alight, and yes, you do jump into a haystack afterwards. Once a Borgia tower is eliminated you may renovate local shops for your own pride and joy.

Another thing to do apart from the main story missions is finding the shrines of Romulus. They appear as wolf heads on your map and the target is to got to all of them and get a key from the shines. Once you have all the keys you can go to the actual lair of Romulus and use them to open a gate and get some really awesome armour, which i was dedicated enough to do. You still have all of the guilds in AC Brotherhood such as the courtesans guild, thieves guild, assassins guild which all have a list of things to do so you can get a little trophy on your wall at you house.

As you have probably been wondering why is it called Brotherhood? Well this is because of the awesome idea of being able to recruit, train and call assassins. You can send them on missions to ultimately level up which makes them better and more powerful, and also gives you some cash to blow. As your assassins get better, they will be able to do harder missions and such. Once an assassin becomes top rank you will attend a ceremony and do a cool speech and voila! 1 new assassin. This can get a little repetitive but hey! He’s your assassin! As you defeat Borgia towers explained earlier you will unlock the ability to recruit more assassins which helps out a lot in the game. If your assassins aren’t on contracts then you can use them to attack enemies when you want or even use an arrow storm if you have enough assassins which basically kills all enemies in the area. It’s a really cool feature and gives the game another shard of uniqueness.

If you have seen AC Brotherhood advertised or read about it then I’m sure you know that it has got multi-player for those online players. If you didn’t know, you do now. The multi-player experience was, at first a little bit daunting and if I’m honest, i didn’t really fancy it that much, but when i started playing it I soon changed my mind.

Online, the game is simply play as an assassin, kill targets, escape people after you. Simple, however, the whole map is generated with characters walking the streets that look exactly the same as yours and everyone else’s characters, which makes it difficult to find enemies and also easier to hide from them. Be aware though, if you kill a civilian then you lose points and you just generally have bad times, so be patient and seek out your target stealthily and silently. The whole game is based on points, the more stealthier your kills the more points you get. The more points you get the more likely you are to win and get a load of XP to level up your character and unlock new stuff at the end of the game. Its really fun as the scores can easily change at any moment, allowing anyone able to win. If you run around like a nutter then people are going to notice you as a target which leads to a shorter life span. If you run near your target then it can raise to much awareness which basically pops up on the enemys screen telling him to leg it. If this happens to you and you escape then you also get points for escaping which can make all the difference. It is actually really good fun, especially on the last thirty second when everyone just runs around aimlessly for their target. There are several game modes such as Alliance, which is in teams, but they all just have assassinate and hide.

There are quite a lot of characters for you to unlock and play as so you can never really get bored, but of course, everyone has thier favourite. The way in which you find your target when playing online is through a compass thingy on your screen which is hard to explain, so watch the video below to see how the compass works online and also just see what the online play is like.

Assassins Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer Walkthrough

Although it doesn’t look that action packed i assure you it is and you shouldn’t really disapprove of it unless you play it. It’s really good fun and a great laugh. Overall i think Assassins Creed Brotherhood has earned the right of its price tag. It’s so worth the money and will keep you playing for hours and hours on end. I can’t stress this anymore than i have already, it is a really awesome game and if you enjoyed the first one then you will be overjoyed with Brotherhood. Its a game that gets in your dreams. Hope this relatively short review has benefited you and happy playing gamers!


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