Commander Shepard is the new Captain Kirk: Mass Effect 2 Onscreen Naughtiness

By on January 25, 2010

::EDIT::  Sorry folks, should have done this earlier, but SPOILER ALERT!

Watch first, we’ll talk later. Hurry up before it disappears!

Hmmm. I’m not so sure I want to watch digital softcore. It’s like, the next evolution of cartoon porn. Follow me for a second here:

Heavy Metal > Jessica Rabbit > Hentai > Mass Effect 2 > Straight up in-engine gamer porn. Makes sense!

While I understand there’s a big community out there that’s into that (I know this because I’ve seen pictures of things I never wanted to see Marge Simpson doing), I can’t help but think that this is just plain weird! but I don’t know about you, but I already felt weird just watching digital characters kiss on screen. You guys remember Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, right?

Check it out at 3:58 in all its digital cootie-sharing glory. Straight to the kiss!

Also, I can’t help but thinking about these MoCap sessions. Rawr! And I’m sure Kleenex was a commodity at BioWare when Mass Effect 2 was in Development. Hey, at least they took the time to make it look great!

I suppose I should be thankful, though, that nobody decided to make sprite-based softcore porn back in the ’90s. Or did they?

Mass Effect 2 is set for release January 26, 2010!  You can order it here.

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