Crysis 2 PC pirates can play online

By on March 27, 2011

Ok, we know Crytek might get upset with PC gamers pirating their game but WTF? According to a lot of reports, Crysis 2 pirates can actually play online without any issues or restrictions. Normally, games verify your cd-key as a valid one before entering the multiplayer mode but this is not the case with Crysis 2. As a result of this, gamers that pirated the PC version can already play online in the official servers. It is literally a kick in the nuts for those that bought the game. This is pretty much confirmed and Crytek should address it as soon as possible.

We were also quite shocked with your reaction to our ‘How Crytek Doomed Crysis 2’s PC version’ article. Some criticized us about it, although that was not a review of the game. It was an article about things that were already in Crysis 1 and are absent from its sequel. Funny thing is that the leaked beta version featured most of them, so we’re wondering; why Crytek decided to remove them? Fingers crossed there’ll be an update that will fix all its issues!

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  • Villano

    If you can pay for the game pay it but people like me who can’t pay the game prefer this situation. And it’s marketing because when more people play more people want to buy the game.

    • Strobe21

      Ah justifying stealing, the oldest excuse in the book.

      • Villano

        It isn’t a justification because i think it is a theft. But games like Bad Company 2 which the multiplayer is totally unavailable for pirate version are less famous than other like CS, CoD or B2 because you can play it in multiplayer mode with a fake version.

        • wtfwtfwtf

          You can’t play the official multiplayer of Call of Duty on a pirated version. You have to patch it to play on a private server.

          Those games aren’t famous for allowing piracy. Piracy merely was just not as big of an issue when they made the game so they didn’t put so much restrictions and requirements like entering your CD Key.

          Its not marketing. When more people figure out that everyone pirates it then more will pirate, some who bought games previously may turn to a pirate because they learn about it, etcetera. Its worse for them and the industry.

          • Villano

            It isn’t correct because the people who like the game in the fake version later they want to have it because they could test all its options. And if you put a strict restriction for play means that you are waiting for a big sale the first months but a little the later months. But if you put a restriction but you can play in a pirate server it means that you are waiting for a medium or little sale the firsts months but a bigger sale later because all the people who is playing in the pirate servers later want to play it because the pirate servers are full of lag and they are a shit.

        • Arathornbr

          You cant pay 60U$ for a game but can pay for a pc of 500U$ (or more) to play Crysis2?
          Seriously… =_=’

          • Vostro

            That’s correct. Think about his two options: Buy a computer for 500 and play everything free for 3 or 4 years. Or spend 60 times how many games he wants plus 500 for the computer.

  • crysisisbroken

    I bought the damn game and I still have a hard time getting online. Either the game never starts or it claims that my legit serial number is in use. This is such crap that pirates are having an easier time gettin on the me.

    • PirateGamer


  • Anonymous

    This is true for all Powered By Gamespy games. You never complained about this for Borderlands or any other titles. Get over it.

  • Solkazo

    PC Gamers them selves are ruining our niche – People wonder why there are so many console exclusives well its a no brainer, selfish pirate sailing the gaming seas.