Crytek defends Crysis 2’s DRM

By on March 21, 2011

In a recent interview to GameShark, Nathan Camarillo tried to defend Crysis 2’s DRM. According to Nathan, there is nothing they can do as the actions of a few are causing a mild inconvenience for others. Well there is something you can do Nathan. And that is making a proper PC game? You know, the way Crysis 1 was with all its features, without streamlining and at the same time being faithful to your fanbase? After all, we’ve seen a lot of developers claiming that piracy is not an issue for them. How can it be an issue for Crytek?

“If I’m playing a game and it has DRM on it, do I notice? Not really. I just know that there’s something going on, but doesn’t really enhance my play experience. So, it’s something that we’ll have to look at in the future.” said Nathan. It’s quite interesting that both EA and Crytek haven’t made any official statement about the early leaks of the consoles versions and if they affected their launch sales, yet they keep blaming PC piracy for most of their decisions (like going the multiplatform way, porting the X360 version to PC, using DRM). In other words, press the start button PC gamers to move on!

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