Deus Ex and EIDOS websites got hacked without using any augmentations

By on May 13, 2011

According to a report that saw the light of day, the personal data of at least 80,000 users has been stolen from EIDOS’ and Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s official websites. The hackers didn’t need to use any augmentation upgrades for hacking their security system, which is kind of sad to say the least. Additionally, according to KrebsOnSecurity, 9,000 resumes were taken.

Moreover, the hackers are discussing about releasing the “src” and we have to wonder what they mean. Is there any point at all releasing the source code of those websites or are they reffering to the source code of the game itself? Either way, this is a big blow for EIDOS.

There are some rumors that the hacker group behind this attack is Anonymous. That’s right, the same group that Sony blamed for their PSN attack. Could this be true? We’ll find out… eventually. Untill then we hope that EIDOS will somehow fix and control this mess, before it gets out of hand!

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