Divinity 2 demo ripped apart

By on February 9, 2011

This years game Divinity 2 has recently released a demo for its fans. I never heard or played the first Divinity game but if you haven’t either then its basically an RPG game in third person. Its simply like most other RPGs, set in a magical full of goblins and weird creatures such as dragons. I downloaded the demo on my xbox a while ago, at first having high hopes for the game as i really wanted a new RPG game to look forward to. Unfortunately, it did not reach the standards that I’d hoped. The game is full of dodgy graphics, glitches and spelling mistakes! I don’t know if the name Derek is meant to be spelt Derk is some circumstances or not, but i don’t assume so. The walking speed is dodgy too, for example, push the movement thumb stick forward a little bit and the character will slowly move but with a normal walking speed animation. This I was not impressed with.

Saying that, there are a lot of humorous parts to the game, that to me almost seemed as if the creators where taking the mic a lot of the time. Such as a pig called Kevin who sprints out the gates of the pen when you whisper ‘Rosebud’ to him and a random level in the middle of nowhere that does…. nothing. Even though all these features seem pretty lame and stupid they made me laugh which entertained me and, that’s what games are for ain’t they? Also every character has an accent which just made the game hilarious, especially when they sounded  rather gay or unsuited to the character. It is a really cheesy game, one of the cheesiest Ive ever played and that’s saying a lot! The way everyone calls you slayer and talks about random stuff from god knows where just makes me smile.

I i was to get this game, it would purely be just to mess about on, it would be a game just to scrutinise and laugh at, which is generally keeping you entertained. However, i 90% will not get it as there just seems to be too much wrong with it, and would just seem like a waste of money. Spelling mistakes, Glitches and deaths that if you don’t save, send you back an hour! It can get frustrating at times especially because I’m the kind of person to run in head first rather than remember to save and wait for your magic juice to go up. Its a stupid and, if I’m honest, appalling game, but don’t just take my word for it. I don’t no if its only on Xbox but if you have some spare time then just download the demo and see what you think of it. Just be warned! and don’t expect to much!

Thanks guys and happy gaming!


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