EA bans player from playing Dragon Age 2

By on March 13, 2011

It’s really funny witnessing such a harsh punishment for an unfortunate member of BioWare’s forums. Arno was a regular guy that was quite disappointed with the release of Dragon Age 2. So he head over to BioWare’s forum and called EA devils. Or to be more precise, he said: “Have you sold your souls to the EA devil?”

As a result of this post, EA banned him from playing Dragon Age 2 and his forum account was suspended for 72 hours. However, the story was made public and EA tried to fix this inappropriate behavior. They said that it was a mistake and now Arno has full access to his game, although he is still banned from the forum.

So how was it a mistake? It’s obviously quite different banning a forum member and banning a player from playing a particular game. If EA wanted to ban Arno from the forums, why didn’t they inform BioWare to ban his account? Why did EA pull the plug? And who can explain the different reaction of EA before and after the story has been published? Sorry EA but we can’t accept that it was a ‘mistake’. It was more like a punishment. Fortunate for Arno though, every gaming site featured his story and as a result, EA tried to make things ‘right’.

It’s sad though to be witnessing such things. Hopefully, we won’t be seeing something like that in the near future!

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