Eternal Destiny Open Beta Started

By on March 14, 2011

Eternal Destiny is an action-packed fantasy browser based MMORPG, a 2D browser based fantasy MMORPG with turn based gameplay. Developed by Gravity Interactive, Eternal Destiny is the first browser based MMO from Gravity in the West.  Interested players can register online for their free accounts as the game entered its Open Beta phase.

Players who participate in the OBT will automatically receive items listed below at commercial launch:

  • Special Elite Warrior Title that appears with your character
  • One Lucky Rainbow Sheep (Unique in-game Pet) that fights along side you against encountered monsters and bosses
  • One [Male]Chinese Clothes Costume (7 day duration)
  • One [Female]Chinese Clothes Costume (7 day duration)
  • One VIP Experience Card (7 day duration), includes:
  • 7 hours of double experience points
  • 10% increase on gold gained from battles
  • 10% discount on items sold from NPC Shops
  • 50% increase on gold from selling items
  • Extra backpack and storage space
  • Additional character and pet chain quests become available
  • Additional chances to access normal and hero dungeons
  • Increased resource gathering speed
  • Two Normal Crystals
  • One Gem Pack

Also, players that reach and exceed level 30 during the OBT will automatically receive:

  • 500 points at commercial launch

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