Frozen Synapse enters “final bugtesting”

By on May 5, 2011

Oxford-based indie devs Mode 7 announced today that their latest turn-based tactical game, Frozen Synapse has entered the final bugtesting phase. Additionally, it now has an exciting single player campaign and you can view a trailer of the game after the jump!

“We always wanted Frozen Synapse to have a big single player component.  This was inherently daft, given the fact that we’re a very small team, but we’ve done it now.  We’re very pleased with the results!”  ejaculated Joint Managing Director Paul Taylor, quotably.

The single player campaign features missions where you escort VIP’s, assassinate nefarious scientists, rob banks, conduct honey-trap operations and defend confused philosophers, among other things.   There are 55 glorious missions in total.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • The game is set in a near-future city named Markov Geist; various factions vie for power there, from the corporate behemoth Enyo:Nomad to the dangerous cultists of the Blue Sunlight Foundation.
  • Do factions ever do anything other than “vie”?  They’re just vying all over the shop.  Dammit, I’ve wasted a bullet point now.
  • Each mission has a defined set of objectives but takes place in a semi-randomly-generated level, so replaying brings unexpected delights
  • Once generated, every iteration of each mission is unlocked, meaning that if a particular random configuration tickles your fancy, you can replay it ad infinitum
  • Every mission has dynamic dialogue which responds to the player’s actions
  • New special units, civilians, friendly AI units, laser tripwires (as requested by the community!), unique single player mission types, rapping hackers, an in-game dossier which allows players to delve into the backstory and a full musical soundtrack all feature in the current pre-order version

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