New Mortal Kombat Pilot Game Starring Epic Beard Guy: Bus Bloodbath Video!

By on February 18, 2010
New Mortal Kombat Pilot Game Starring Epic Beard Guy: Bus Bloodbath Video!

New Mortal Kombat Bus Bloodbath

Welcome back to another epic battle!

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Many a times the gaming scene crosses over into the realm of the unknown, spontaneous and sometimes just plain vicious. As unfortunate for Midway as it is (As I always loved Midway, especially the MK series!), it seems as if Mortal Kombat is getting pulled apart by the California courts, big movie houses and now the adamant MK gamer that feels this following real life situation puts into perspective on how no matter what character you choose, if you are a tuned fighting machine…You Will LOSE!

Lets’ watch this classic remake:

And for all that wanted to know exactly WTF this was based on? I have included the original below:

Now there are many lessons to be learned here in both videos! But I will only point out 2!

1 – Mortal Kombat will live on no matter the circumstances!

2 – Don’t Fuck with Old School Vietnam Vets at age 67 that were trained to rip heads off in the jungle and have no time for gangsta shit that carry an Arnold Schwarzenegger pair of sunglasses and a diesel-ass trimmed snow white beard!..nuff said

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