Das Most Anticipated First Person Shooter Games of E3 2010

By on June 7, 2010
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#4 Brink

Splash Damage (the creators of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars) have been working hard on this game for quite some time and it is one that I have been drooling over since it was announced. Like Bulletstorm, there is not a lot of information out for this game but what I do know about it is that they have implemented a really cool freerunning system into the game called SMART (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain). How it works is the game determines the best choice of movement for different types of the environment, if that made any sense at all. For example: if I was playing the game and walked up to a ledge that I could jump up too, I hit a button and my character jumps for the ledge and pulls himself up, or if there is something I can slide under (think Mirrors Edge) I hit that same button and I slide under it. Very context sensitive.

Another feature that I like is that although the game is aimed to play the story mode online for up to 8 players, if you don’t have a gold membership to Xbox live (or no internet at all) you can easily play it with bots. I am unsure how reliable such bots are but if they are the bots from Tribes: Aerial Assault from the Playstation 2 days then you have nothing to worry about.  Brink will be released to stores nationwide on September 7, 2010 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.

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