Das Most Anticipated First Person Shooter Games of E3 2010

By on June 7, 2010
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#3 Fallout: New Vegas

Now, this isn’t exactly your standard FPS game, but it’s from the first person POV and you do shoot people. So bear with me. If you were to ask me why I like New Vegas but hated Fallout 3, I would simply respond by telling you that Obsidian Entertainment is actually trying to change mistakes that were made in 3 and make the proper fixes for this game. Mind you that it’s still the same engine but the plus side is that most of the development team on this project made the first 2 Fallout games which is why I am excited for this one.

Every thing that made the first two games really good is being put into this game: a better VATS system, Reputation that has a huge effect on the end result of the game depending on how you play and treat the citizens of the game world, the ability to almost fully modify any weapon you get a hold of, and the new hardcore mode that will make the game more realistic down to the smallest details on top of increasing the difficulty.

I have been a huge Fallout fan since the first game. I have followed the lore for this series very closely and I am very interested in how the game world will be when they have stated that Las Vegas was not directly struck by a nuclear attack so its buildings are still intact. None of us will get to know until Q4 2010 when it’s slated to be released, so stay tuned because the moment we know the actual date so will you.

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