Das Most Anticipated First Person Shooter Games of E3 2010

By on June 7, 2010
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#2 Halo: Reach

I will admit that I too became a fan of the Halo series due to the huge lore that it has with it and one of the biggest events that ever happened in the history of the Halo universe was the fall of Reach, which is the event this game will cover. Yes, agreed, I will miss playing Master Chief but I am wondering if they will put something small in for him since he was on Reach fighting during that war. I was lucky to get into the Halo Reach multiplayer beta which was very fun despite there were only 2 maps, but there were a handful of game modes to make up for the lack of maps. The action was more intense than Halo 3, the visuals were way better and more detailed, basically I was blown away the moment I played my first match.

Bungie always said that the last Halo game they would develop would be huge and from what I have read about it so far it is beyond all expectations, so much that people will be very surprised not long after they start playing the game. One thing that I had too much fun with during beta was the new assassination feature which basically is instead of just hitting someone from behind, a little cutscene shows you pulling out your knife and showing the true definition of what its like to back stab someone.

Halo: Reach is expected to hit store shelves September 14, 2010.

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