Nintendo: 2009 Console Sales Juggernaut – ROAR!

By on January 14, 2010


Hidy-ho, Wii people! Some interesting news that was passed to me through the grapevine!  The Nintendo juggernaut doth continue, steamrolling all in its path!  Nintendo had hands down the most successful month in Video Game History!  Even the 16-bit war pales in comparison.  Check out these December 2009 sales numbers:

* Wii — 3,810,000
* Nintendo DS — 3,310,000
* PlayStation 3 — 1,360,000
* Xbox 360 — 1,310,000
* PlayStation Portable — 654,700
* PlayStation 2 — 333,200

Wow.  That’s over 7 million units for the Nintendo consoles combined. Actually, I’m kind of impressed that the Playstation 2 sold 300k units.  I’m pretty sure that’s more than the N-GAGE TacoPhone did in its lifetime.


The Nintendo DS numbers weren’t too shabby either.  The 3.3 million units moved during December put the grand total for the year over 11.2 million, shattering sales records.  11.2 million!  That’s about as many microbes found on the average erogenous zone at AVN Expo!

In other news, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 were happy to play the role of Juggernaut fodder in this production of Video Game Wars: 7th Generation.

I’m sure those 3.8 million families all across the country are happy playing with their Wiis.  Yes, I like played out jokes.

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