Original Playstation Games Still Rule – Why They Are The Best

By on July 24, 2011

Everything has a begining,


super nintendo cd system

The Never Produced Super Nintendo CD by Sony


That even includes good old Sony. I remember when there was a time, that my famed (little did I know) soon to be vaporware Super Nintendo CD game system add-on was originally being manufactured by Sony.

Of course as stubborn as Nintendo wanted to be, they still seemed to want to drive cartridges to the next level. However Sony spent millions of dollars in development and decided to play the game that Nintendo once owned and get involved with the video game hardware and software production industry.


So, Sony said up-yours and went to town with their own version of the worked on system what we once called the original Playsation.


the original playstation

Original Sony Playstation Game Console


The first true next level video  gaming console system truly capable of taking an arcade game stand-up unit and basically porting it flawlessly in most cases (if not better) for video gaming fans home consumption. And mind you, I can honestly say that the original Sony Playstation had a first hand crack at destroying arcades as we know it today.


So what do you you play now? Well, as the video game sagas continue, I can honestly say that a heavy amount of trash that comes out on the PS3 and XBOX 360 alike are obnoxious remakes of the orignal Playstation games. Yes, and original they were. There were no “3’s”, “4’s” or added on names. There was just pure creativity with the ability to finally do so much more. Therefore that leaves me with the question, will they ever get back to the roots?


I know indie games are flourishing now, because they are using great original fun concepts. And the really funny part is that many of these “DLC” games that many are raving about, happen to have the same great original mechanics that these once intuitive games had.


Well, here’s looking into the future and hoping that history will repeat itself (before I get tired and sleep waiting for it) !


UPDATE: For more future regular info and updates on the classic original Playstation games, please check out the official site: Original Playstation Games.

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  • Retro

    This add on, was actually on sale in Japan for many years.

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  • Guest

    There were no 3’s or 4’s on playstation? how about VII’s and that is arguably one of the best games ever… 

    And At the time, there were still much better arcades out there than the PSX could emulate… It wasnt untill the Dreamcast/PS2 that consoles started getting to be as good as most arcades. but then, the dreamcast was upgraded arcade specs, and the PS2 was the main enigine in other arcades.