Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Revealed and Transforms

By on April 30, 2012
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As you can probably surmise from the title of the sequel to Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, this sequel will be having some fancy transformations.  Similar to how in Mario Kart 7, where your vehicle would change from being a car, to one with a glider, and being submersible, in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, you’re vehicle will be able to shift from a car, to a jet, and to a boat.  The trigger for these transformations is a blue ring located out on the course, just in case you needed a visual cue for when your vehicle would automatically turn into another vehicle.


As the game was just announced, the entire roster isn’t just yet confirmed, but those that have been include some that appeared in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, such as AiAi from Super Monkey Ball, Akira from Virtua Fighter, and Beat from Jet Set Radio.  We also have some new racers entering this area, but only two of them have been revealed so far, which are Gillius Thunderhead, better known as the dwarf, from Golden Axe and Vysa from Skies of Arcadia.  Of the ones revealed, there are to be, at least, 27 characters making an appearance and only half of them have been confirmed and announced.  There’s even been confirmation of a Panzer Dragoon level.


From the announcement trailer and word around online, outside of the transforming vehicles, gameplay will be similar to the last game.  That is, it will be very similar to mostly all kart games out there, but with it’s on slight nuances, such as characters having unique abilities, as well as items having defensive and offensive uses.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will be racing onto Xbox 360, PS3, Playstation Vita, 3DS, and PC later this year.  Keep it tuned in here for more info on the game as we get it and new characters that will be making an appearance.

So do any of you have a Sega franchise character that you would like to see make an appearance?  I sure would like to see Seaman, because who wouldn’t want to see some Seaman driving around the place?

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