Star Trek: Online – An MMO Trekker’s Guide to Subscription Options

By on January 15, 2010


Huzzah, gamers! Some news for you from the digital grapevine about Star Trek Online (STO)!  Via the Official Website, Cryptic and Atari have finally released subscription rates for the long awaited MMO. Looks like they’re sticking with the current monthly MMO rate:

USD      CAD      GBP      EUR      DKK
1-Month Recurring     14.99     16.49     8.99     12.99     82.45
3-Month Recurring     41.97     46.17     25.17     35.97     230.84
6-Month Recurring     77.94     85.73     46.14     65.94     428.67

$14.99 a month, with discounts on 3 and 6-month subscriptions… much like car insurance.

They, however, are offering some pretty cool Limited Time Exclusive Specials to coincide with the game’s launch.  $119.99 for a year subscription, with a 2 additional character slot bonus.  Plus, your yearly recurring rate is locked in at that $119.99 price point.  Pretty cool.  And for the Elite Trekkers out there, Atari is offering a Lifetime Subscription!  Lifetime!  $239.99 for Lifetime Access to Stark Trek Online, unlocked Borg as a playable race, and 2 additional character slots.  Both Limited Time Exclusive Specials are available only when you pre-order the game.

Seems like a pretty good deal, though, especially if STO sticks around for the long haul.  With so many Trekkers in the world, how could it not?  Look at Star Wars: Galaxies!  Talk about last legs!

Plus, you’ve gotta admit that being the captain of your own Emmisary Class Starship has “win” splattered all over it.

Just think, come February 2nd, 2010 you could have “win” splattered all over you!

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