Star Wars 3D Sparks Star Wars Game Sales

By on February 15, 2012

You wonder if they do this stuff on purpose?!


Star Wars in 3D

Star Wars in 3D




You have to hand it to major movie marketers, they really know how to rinse movie-goers!


If you haven’t been paying attention, then now I’ll be glad to let you know that all the Star Wars movies are getting the new 3D treatment. That’s right! Now you can go seat the entire saga for the first time all over again but now in that quality glorious 3D.


Alongside all of that noise, there also has been reports of Star Wars games spiking sales (Hmmmm, I wonder, is it because of the movie).


Well, either way you slice it, I can honestly say that I will wind up shelling out my $14+ dollars to see it in 3D and of course will break out all my old school Star Wars games, to really get in the full effect.


Now, can someone make a 3D Star Wars game? I think E3 this year will really surprise us (Well, I hope anyways!)


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