Starbreeze’s EA project has been ‘expanded’

By on May 20, 2011

Although Starbreeze isn’t behind the wheel of The Darkness’ second part, there isn’t any reason for the fans of this talented company to get disappointed. And that’s because the company is already developing a new game for EA, called Project RedLime. Furthermore, the company is also developing a downloadable game that will most probably be using Epic’s Unreal Engine.

Mikael Nermark, CEO of Starbreeze said:

“The reason for our joint decision is above all that we wish to implement a number of creative enhancements, we want simply [to] do an even better game. It also requires an expansion of the project because of the high staff turnover during the autumn and winter, as we have previously reported. It has taken time and resources to recruit key employees, while it takes time for new developers to come into the project. We have now secured the [manpower for] RedLime.”

On the other hand, a translated document of Starbreeze’s financial report confirms the downloadable game:


“The development of a downloadable game continued during the third quarter. At the moment it is still self-financed. A smaller team also worked with adapting to and learning the licensed Unreal Engine which will be used as a technical base for all Starbreeze productions over the coming years.”

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