Top 5 Games That Need to Be Remade

By on April 9, 2010
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4. Super Star Wars side scrollers

Then: Super Star Wars and its subsequent sequels came out in the 90’s for the Super Nintendo Entertainment system. They were hard as hell side scrollers that had you controlling Luke, Han and Chewie. You went through the classic events of the films, shooting this, chopping them with your lightsaber or using your Force powers for some hardcore action. The games also had stages where you piloting vehicles in the classic Mode-7 graphics.

Now: Keep the side scrolling element because it worked so well for the Super Metroid “remake” Shadow Complex but beef up the graphics with the Unreal Engine and add in some leaderboard rankings. Granted, the game hasn’t aged well but today’s youth needs the humbling experience of fighting the Sarlacc. Note: we are aware of the Virtual Console releases but we want remakes dammit!

5. F-Zero

Then: Mode 7 was the much touted feature of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and F-Zero proved that with its speed. Pilotwings wowed us with the 3D graphics but F-Zero thrilled us with the immense speeds when it was released in 1990. The game featured futuristic hover cars zooming on a cushion of air breaking the speed of sound. Punishingly difficult gameplay kept us coming back for more. The game has a sequel on the Nintendo 64 that introduced 3D tracks and blistering fast 60 fps.

Now: Do we even have to say it? HD graphics. Online racing with friends and foes. Custom tracks that you upload and share. Online tournaments and rankings. Unlockable and customizable cars? How would our yellow racing machine look with a sweet Das Reviews logo on it with black racing stripes. We can’t even begin to imagine all of the futuristic chicks we would get with that pimp-mobile.

Agree? Disagree? Agree to disagree? Let us know below!

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  • Simon

    there was an Arcade version of F-Zero, was pretty awesome, you could use your N64 memory card or a game card to upgrade.