The Voice of Heihachi Silenced

By on January 18, 2010

Hey gamers. Some sad news from across the pacific. Gouri Daisuke, the seiyuu who brought us Tekken‘s Iron Fist overlord Heihachi has passed away. Reports from Japan say he was found wandering the streets of Nakano-ku, with blood dripping from his arm. He was supposedly carrying a knife and a last will and testament. Authorities suspect Gouri’s injuries may have been self inflicted.

Gamers will remember Gouri Daisuke most notably from his aforementioned work in the Tekken series of games, as well as the voice of Mr. Satan in the Dragonball series. His career spanned four decades of television, animated films, and video games and has left an impressive body of work, ranging from Cutey Honey in the 1970s to Time Crisis 4.

Consolences to friends and family. Gouri Daisuke was 57 years old.

The only positive in this is that you won’t have to see the franchise you helped build be destroyed by some inane Hollywood movie studio.

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