2029 Online: Central Bus Station Strategies Unveiled

By on May 31, 2011

2029 Online is a 2D Sci-Fi, free-to-play MMORPG that is developed by IGG.com. Its graphics reminded us of Septera Core, so be sure to try it out if you are a fan of this artistic style. The company unveiled today some strategies for the quests that can be found at the Central Bus Station. Central Bus Station is basically the main combat area for players between Level 10 and Level 20.

According to the press release, there are three quest types: Team, Solo and Repeatable.

Team Quests
Central Bus Station features 3 powerful bosses: Gabby Heike (Level 16), Gabby Heike (Level 18), and Police Capt (Level 22). Since these bosses have high HP and powerful attacks, you’ll need a team if you want to challenge them. A team that includes a human (to restore HP) and a Dryad (with high HP) will have a better chance of overcoming these foes. Using such a mix allows the other team members to assist the tanks, but they should be careful not to use any mana skills to attack the boss, or it will turn its attention toward the caster.

Solo Quests
These quests can generally be completed by a single player, because the bosses are not as strong as those mentioned above. When you do solo quests, keep in mind that you may find it helpful to team up now and then if you need to face tougher monsters or collect rare quest items to finish a quest. This will save time you might otherwise spend trying to grind out a victory.

Repeatable Quests
There are 2 repeatable quests in the Central Bus Station: One is given by Researcher Claudia. The quest asks you to kill the biochemical hound and awards 7,300 EXP. Another quest is given by Scout De Rossi. This quest asks you to destroy the Patrol Eye and awards 6,000 EXP. If you run out of other quests, the repeatable ones help fill the gap before your next task becomes available. You’ll get EXP for killing monsters and reward EXP from the NPC, so it helps you level up more quickly than farming monsters at random. It’s best to join a team for the repeatable quests to run as many as you can as quickly as possible.

Check out also a video demonstrate for this 2D MMORPG. Those interested can register, download the client and play it by visiting its official website.

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