Are You a First-Time EDM Festival Goer? This Guide Is for You

By on September 1, 2016
Are You a First-Time EDM Festival Goer? This Guide Is for You

So you’ve bought a pair of Glidekicks and are ready to wear them to your first-ever EDM festival — well done! You’re on your way to putting together some funky outfits that reflect the upbeat festival atmosphere while letting you stand out from the crowd. But here’s the thing: buying LED shoes is only the first thing you should do. If you want to stay safe in large EDM venues, you should also take the following steps:

1. Learn about festival rules

Browse through the organizer’s website to know how the festival will go about and learn the rules and regulations that you should follow. Will you be able to pitch your own tent, or should you book a hotel nearby? Can you bring your own alcohol? Are you allowed to bring your pet? If you can’t find the info you need in the website, don’t hesitate to call the organizer and ask questions.

2. Arrange your accommodation

If you’re going to a festival that allows traditional camping, you’ll need to have a sturdy tent that can withstand some roughhousing. Bring a roll mat, which will keep you off the ground and prevent you from getting wet and cold. If the festival won’t have campgrounds, or if you prefer to have more comfortable accommodation, look for a respectable hotel near the festival area and book a room.

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3. Bring the right clothes

You’ve probably already chosen the outfits you’ll wear during the music festival, but don’t just stop there. Make sure to pack a raincoat or waterproof jacket along with a pair of rubber boots so you’ll stay dry even when it rains. You’ll also need to bring several sets of socks and underwear so you won’t run out.

4. Pack plenty of food and water

Food and drinks are more expensive during music festivals so, if you’re on a tight budget or just want to save money, you’ll want to bring your own. Avoid bringing items that must be frozen or refrigerated since they’ll easily go bad; instead, opt for canned meat and fish as well as dry food (such as crackers, cookies, beef jerky, dry cereal, nuts, and trail mix). Bring plenty of bottled water, too, so you’ll stay hydrated throughout the festival.

5. Get sturdy locks

Thieves can easily blend among ordinary festival goers, so you have to be careful with your things. If you’re staying in a tent, buy a lock for it to deter people from sneaking in it while you’re away. However, never leave your valuables in your tent, even if you lock it — crooks will always find a way! Keep your valuables on your person at all times, either in a fanny pack or in a backpack with a lock for its zippers. If possible, leave non-essential jewelry and credit cards at home to avoid losing them.

6. Use the buddy system

If you’re going to the music festival with several friends, divide yourself into groups of two or three and stick to your group as often as possible. Remember: there’s safety in numbers, so use the buddy system to reduce the number of times that you’re walking around on your own.

Use these tips now to enjoy EDM festivals and stay safe while having fun!




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