2K Sports Giving Away $1,000,000 for a MLB 2K10 Perfect Game!

By on March 2, 2010

What’s the word gamers!?  Who says you can’t make money playing games?  Well, for all you hardcore sports game people out there, here’s your chance to bank on your MLB 2k10 skills!  You read that headline correctly -2K Sports is giving away 1 Million Dollars to the first gamer out there who can pull off a verified perfect game in their brand spanking new baseball title.

Sounds easy enough, right?  Think again, homeboy.  We know that 2K Sports prides themselves on the simulation aspect of their MLB games, so if baseball’s difficulty transcends the digital realm, then this is going to be one tough feat.  Look at it like this: in the over 100 years since the inception of Major League Baseball, there have only been 18 perfect games thrown.   That’s one every 5.5 years.  Or one every 12,000 games.  Actually, that’s better odds than winning the lottery.  That is beside the point!  It’s going to be a challenge because I say it is!

And of course, such a large prize isn’t without its share of red tape.  2k Sports has outlined a relatively strict process of verifying your Perfect Game run, so make sure you read the Battle for $1,000,000 PDF Checklist very closely before you have a go at it.   A few excerpts from the checklist:

Recording must begin at least 5 seconds prior to turning on television and Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

Recording must show the full boot up sequence of the videogame console.

You must play the game in the MLK 2K10 Contest mode in MLB Today, which will automatically set the difficulty to All-Star.

You may not pause or interrupt the game at any time during the entirety of the game.

Pretty stringent… but understandable.  I’m sure there are tons of folks out there who have unscrupulous agendas on their minds.  Oh, and sorry residents of Arizona, Connecticut, Maryland, North Dakota and Vermont, you’re SOL.  That just doesn’t seem fair.

Well, do you have the necessary Total Control Pitching mastery to take on this daunting task?  Oh you do, do you?  Well, you better get on it.  MLK 2k10 released today and I’m sure the legions have already begun their training.  And remember, it’s 1 Million dollars!  Think of all the coolness you could do with that kind of cash!  What would I do?  Three words and an octothorpe: Action Comics #1.

Check out the official rules at the 2K Contest site.  And if you haven’t ordered your copy of MLB 2K10 yet, you better get crackin’  the faceless hordes are on to you.  Pick it up for PS3 or Xbox 360!

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