Adhesive Games’ mech FPS looks incredible

By on March 10, 2011

Adhesive Games is developing a new Mech Combat FPS, called Hawken. Hawken has been developed using the Unreal Engine from Epic Games and is a multiplayer mech combat game. The focus is on creating an intense and enjoyable battle experience that captures the feeling of piloting a heavy war machine while keeping the action fast-paced and strategic. The game will be released for the PC, although Adhesive wants to release it also for both X360 and PS3. Video after the jump!

Adhesive Games released a new trailer for Hawken. It looks incredible and way better than most of the Unreal 3 games that are developed by professional studios with higher budget. Enjoy!

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  • Pjmit

    WOW!!! 8-O that is incredible!! now I am getting interested in indie games!