Akella introduces Disciples 3: Resurrection’s new heroes

By on May 19, 2011

Akella introduced today via a press release the new heroes that will be featured in Disciples 3: Resurrection. Players will have the honor to control both Salaar and Amina, develop their abilities and skill and witness a love affair. So, will Resurrection be another love story game? We are really hoping for something more.

According to the press release, Salaar is the first warrior of Alkmaar war that was risen by Mortis. Salaar fought for his people and won the fame of a great warlord. Salaar’s memory however has been mutilated by the rebirth and is silent. A deadly, silent war machine.

Amina on the other hand is the younger daughter of a powerful priest of Alkmaar. In order to help Mortis exact her vengeance upon her unfaithful husband Gallean, Amina was brought back from the oblivion. Although her memory carries the burden of grief, she was admired by many.

Disciples 3: Resurrection is being developed by Akella’s in-house team and will hopefully be released this year on the PC.

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