Alcatraz Breakout released for iPhone & iPod Touch

By on April 28, 2011
Alcatraz Breakout released for iPhone & iPod Touch


Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH today releases Alcatraz Breakout, a new action title for iPhone and iPod touch, priced just 0,79 Euro/59p from the App Store. Developed by KONAMI’s Parisian studio, Alcatraz Breakout is a challenging action title that charges the player with leading an escape from the most infamous prison in the world.

The game uses a bird’s eye-view of the prison, from which the player must use their wits and timing to slip past the patrolling guards, while using packing cases, walls, etc. to hide from them.



As the leader of an audacious escape plan, the player must steer a gang of inmates to freedom, by sketching a path to a suitable escape route, and can also use a number of special items to aid their plan – and can also buy more via the game’s In-App purchase capability.

The basic game offers five levels, each of which is unlocked as the levels are completed. Likewise, there are six basic items that can be used to bypass the guards. The In-App purchases, however, will be available for a further 0,79 Euro/59p each, and offer individual items that can be added to the game’s inventory or one out of four additional stages from which to escape.

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