Aliens vs Predator Demo Dropping Thursday! (02/04/2010)

By on February 3, 2010

Howdy gameronis!  I know alot of you have been waiting for Aliens vs. Predator news, as have I.  The trailers that Sega have been leaking are just downright gory.  But it’s a good, visceral gory, not wimpy semi-gore.

Anyway, according to Sega’s European blog, they will be dropping a multiplayer demo for their upcoming AvP game this Thursday, February 4th!  The demo will be available on 3 major networks, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and STEAM.

Players will get a chance to duke it out online, extra-terrestrial style with any of the 3 playable character races in the game: Colonial Marines, the Predators, and the Alien.

So I guess we’ll be seeing you cats on the digital side come tomorrow!  Stop by and impregnate me with your Alien larva!  Haven’t Pre-Ordered?  You can do so here!

If you haven’t seen the gameplay yet:

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