Alienware M11x 11.6 inch Laptop – Gaming on the Go

By on January 7, 2010

Alienware M11x Gaming Netbook
Looks like Alienware just announced their entry into the Netbook market.  And of course, Alienware couldn’t just put out any old netbook, it had to be gamer-worthy!  A gaming Netbook.  Can anyone say WoW on a plane?!

The M11x touts a switchable nVidia GT335M GPU with 1GB DDR3 (really!), allowing the user to hot-switch between the GPU and the integrated graphics.  With the nVidia graphics enabled, the laptop is said to score between 5k-7k 3D marks and can run Crysis at 50 frames per second.  Sexy, I say.  Not only that, but it also looks like the M11x supports external displays via it’s HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA ports.  Could it get any better?

Of course, everyone’s wondering about the battery.  Rumors are that the battery will last 6.5 hours on the integrated graphics and over 2 hours on the nVidia.  All this lovable madness for a price point under $1,000.

When the hell does it come out?  Spring.  You have 3 months to sell some Star Wars toys, people.

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