ARGO Online enters closed beta phase

By on March 9, 2011

According to burda:ic, their latest MMORPG game called ‘Argo Online’ has entered the closed beta phase. This closed beta test will run through March 22 and will give players two full weeks to take first crack at exploring the highly-anticipated Steampunk Fantasy MMORPG.

ARGO Online promises to be our most expansive and immersive title yet, throwing gamers headfirst into a huge world teeming with content,” said Achim Kaspers, Managing Director of burda:ic. “We can’t wait for players to finally experience it firsthand, and hope all the closed beta testers enjoy what we have in store for them over the next couple weeks!”

The game is scheduled for a spring release in North America and Europe and its key features are listed bellow:

• 10 huge dungeons
• 20 different territories
• Two unique races to choose from with four of eight classes each
• Futuristic, steampunk-themed world activated up to Level 30
• Hundreds of quests in five different categories
• Interactive map system for finding NPCs, quests, and more
• Crafting system with multiple upgrade options for items
• Resource system (based on the mineral Earthdium) for skills (dash, attack, defense)
• Six professions to experience
• PvP and raid dungeons to explore with friends
• Different mounts for both factions (Floresslah: Animal mounts / Noblian: Steampunk vehicles)
• Deep achievement system
• Pet system with two completely different faction designs

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