Armory 3D: New Stalking Tool for World of Warcraft

By on January 15, 2010


Lokthar Ogar, WoW-heads!  Hot news from the World of Warcraft world.  Your favorite character stalker tool, the WOW Armory just went 3D!

That’s right guys, you can now stalk your favorite toons, or your enemies toons’ in 3-dimensions.  Long gone are the days of “Dude, his gear is 10 levels old.”  The days of “OMG, I can’t believe he matched that shoulder piece with that chest!” and “A fist weapon totally doesn’t match with a one-handed axe,” have arrived.  Can you imagine if they did this on Facebook?  The possibilities are simply frightening.

Not only can you check out other people’s toons in 3d, you can check their recent achievements, AND you can export your info via RSS feed.  Oh no, now the world will know the inner workings of my addiction.  Perhaps more frightening… you can now sync your in-game calendar with your Gcal.  This just got real, guys.

Click on through to check it out!

WoW Armory

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