Help Avoid a Curse by Funding Haunts: the Manse Macabre

By on May 9, 2012


I hear that there’s a curse on Haunts: the Manse Macabre.  One that, if this game isn’t made before Halloween, something bad will happen to the crew.  But curses aren’t real, right?

Haunts: the Manse Macabre is an upcoming turn-based horror game with a distinct black-and-white with emphasized red graphics.  Haunts, like many games, is needing some help in the financial area to finish the game and to also avoid the aforementioned curse.  It puts you in the role of either intruders into the Tyree Manse to find its dreaded secrets or as the monsters that haunt this place.


If you play as the intruders, you’ll only be able to have three members in your squad, who can be equipped with various equipment and special abilities.  For example, as listed on the Kickstarter, they can choose weapons, psychic or magic powers, special scientific gear, ancient relics, and more.  Also from the start, as the intruder, you’ll choose what is your goal by entering Tyree Manse, which can be to find a dark relic, cleansing the house of it’s spirits, or trying to solve a mystery.


On the other hand, if you play as the evil denizens, your goal is simple… stop the intruders from achieving their goal, which is up to you to figure out.  From the start, as a denizen, you select what type of haunting you are wanting: Phantasms, Cultists, Abominations, Undying, Psychopaths.  Each of these groups come with their own leaders, servitors, and minions, they also can come with beings that range from extremely powerful and can easily rip an intruder apart or small orbs that are used to spy on the intruders.  Each of the leaders have their own special abilities that will plague the intruders, which could be, for example, temporary pools of darkness, poltergeist attacks that damage and disorient, or even reality warping changes to the house itself.


As you never know what you’ll be facing against or what their goal is, be it versus the computer or another human player, I can imagine a lot of interesting games unfolding and can’t wait to play it.  One will have to wait till October to play the full version though or this summer to get in the beta if you fund high enough.

To help fund the game, you can check out Haunts: the Manse Macabre Kickstarter and for additional info and updates, you can check out Mob Rules Games’ website.


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