Capcom’s sales figures, Monster Hunter Freedom 3 a huge success

By on February 2, 2011

Capcom has revealed sales figures of its major games during the nine months to 31st December 2010. These figures are quite interesting, as we were shocked with the success of Monster Hunter Freedom 3 for PSP. It sold 4.1 million units in Japan alone, whereas Dead Rising 2 has sold 2.2 million, SSF4 1.6 million and Lost Planet 2 1.5 million units worldwide.

Monster Hunter Freedom 3 contributed to profits up 294 per cent to 6.83 billion yen (£51.7m / $83.9m) for the first nine months of the year. Sales for the period were 70.77 billion (£535.7m / ($868.8m), an increase of 41.6 per cent.

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