Carmageddon counter hints to a possible new game

By on May 20, 2011

Wow. Few days ago we were expressing our desire for a true and proper remake of Carmageddon’s first part and here are some actual news for a new Carmageddon game. Talk about coincidence. Although nothing is certain, there are hints that a new Carmageddon game might be revealed on June 1st.

Don’t believe us? Head over then to Carmageddon’s Official Site. As you will see, there is a counter that ends on June 1st. Which basically indicates to a possible new Carmageddon game.

We can only hope that this new Carmageddon game will go back to the franchise’s routes. We don’t want zombies and floaty car physics. Give us a Carmageddon game that is similar to the one we grew up with. With lots of blood, the ability to dismember the pedestrians and proper – and above all fun –  car physics.

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