Could Final Fantasy XIII be Square Enix’s last?

By on January 7, 2010

Greetings, gamers!  I know a handful of you out there are Final Fantasy aficionados!  With the release of Final Fantasy XII close at hand, and on both Next-Gen consoles, buzz is at an all-time high.  Rumors are flying, however, after a recent interview by Edge with Yoichi Wada, Square Enix’s President and CEO.

"Whether we are going to continue to internally create this type of game remains to be seen, because I actually feel that the team that was involved with Final Fantasy XIII should next move on to create and generate some ‘next generation’ forms of play."

Could this really mean the end of the Final Fantasy franchise as we know it?  Maybe. Who knows, really?  Speculation is abound.  All I’m saying is that it’s going to be a sad day in RPG gaming when we can no longer look forward to stories about a ragtag bunch of precocious, materia-charged, youngsters with carefully tousled hair.  All I’m saying, too, is that I hope Nobuo Uematsu has another "Friends" concert sometime soon.

Final Fantasy XIII will be available in the US on March 9, 2010.  If you haven’t already done so, you should probably preorder!  Available for Xbox 360 and PS3 .

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