Crossfire Fix for Test Drive Unlimited 2

By on April 5, 2011

Yesterday we reported a way to enable SLI for the Nvidia cards. And today we have some good news for our AMD/ATI owners. Although AMD hasn’t released any proper Crossfire profile for Test Drive Unlimited 2, spyre from Rage3D found a way to enable it. According to spyre, the FEAR profile provides excellent Crossfire results. Before starting though, you will need to download the ‘RadeonPro’ tool. That’s because you’ll need to create a new profile via that tool. Otherwise, if you simply rename the executable file, you won’t get any framerate increase.

To use RadeonPro for the game:

  • Create a profile with the little + icon
  • Goto the game folder
  • Select the game exe ‘Testdrive2.exe’
  • Goto the Tweaks Tab
  • Select fear via the dropdown selector for the Force Crossfire profile section
  • Goto the launcher tab
  • Select Games for windows live via the dropdown
  • In the launcher details browse the game folder for Uplauncher.exe
  • Set the working directory to the same as the folder where the exe resides
  • Save the updates to the profile by right clicking the profile and select ‘apply now’
  • Run the game via the profile
  • Notice the huge speed increase with Crossfire enabled

Enjoy AMD/ATI owners and have fun. Special thanks again to spyre for the above instructions!

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  • peter akerboom

    Didn’t work for me..
    Same fucked fps :(

  • john2

    Strange that it didn’t work out for you. Unfortunately there are no news for a patch that will fix the Crossfire performance. Let’s hope that AMD will update their TDU2 profile and will include it in their next Catalyst drivers

  • peter akerboom

    Might be a problem with radeonpro tool..
    It gives me error on every game, ADL not properly initialized.
    I will search for that now..