Dante’s Inferno: God of War Killer?

By on February 4, 2010


Howdy gamers!  Well, with the release of Visceral’s newest title Dante’s Inferno looming around the corner mass speculation is abound.  Is it just another God of War clone?  Or will it truly have it’s own voice and place in the annals of gaming.  Yes.  Annals.

Judging from the demo, it looks promising.  The game looks polished, the controls feel tight, and the art design in general is top notch.  But, does it have anything more to offer than a good looking game?  I’m asking you all out there, “Will Dante’s Inferno have any substance?”

(I’m some how reminded of a brunette I met my senior year in college. Vapid.)

No one can escape: The Tale of the Tape!


In a one on one, mano a mano fight to the death.  Who would win?  Our tried and true god of war, Kratos?  Or the wayward scribe turned Templar Knight, Dante.   Based on the above chart, I’m gonna have to give the win to old tried and true Kratos.   Sure Dante, you’ve traversed the circles of Hell and beat tons of demons, including Lucifer himself… but come on, Kratos is the god of war.

I suppose we shall see for sure come February 9th!  Remember, if you haven’t preordered Dante’s Inferno for either Xbox 360, PSP, or PS3 or God of War III for PS3, you should probably do so here!

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