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By on February 4, 2011

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FromSoftware had a sleeper hit on their hands with Demons Souls, and now they are feeling the pressure to make Dark Souls (it’s spiritual successor) even better. Even if they simply took the engine of the first game and made a few new levels, it would probably still be a great game, albeit slightly disappointing. However, FromSoftware isn’t the type of company to do that. Here are some of the changes/additions we hope to see in their upcoming hit game.

Open World

This one has already been announced, but it needs to be pulled off correctly. No hub world seems like a great idea on paper, but if the world is too massive and extremely barren, traveling from area to area could be a hassle. On the other hand, if the world is too linear then it won’t feel open at all. Personally, I think something like the layout of The Ocarina of Time would work great for this game. There should be a safe town where you can purchase new weapons and upgrades, maybe even interact with travelers from other games (see Improved Multiplayer). After leaving town the main overworld area is fairly open, allowing for exploration and discovery of hidden items and areas. Each corner of the map could house a different area, and these could be were missions take place.

More Customization

Demons Souls had a pretty good variety of weapons, but the amount of armor seemed to be lacking. Character customization was also fairly limited, so an expansion of that would be wonderful. Using dyes, such as in Fable II, to alter clothing colors would be a nice touch as well. Upgrading weapons should also slightly change their appearance, not just their stats

Improved Multiplayer

I loved the way players could interact through messages and blood stain in Demons Souls. It was a unique twist to communicating in an online game that hadn’t been seen before. I’m sure something similar is in the works for Dark Souls, but I hope a traditional type of coop is also being made. An idea that may work is going to a shop in the main town to ‘Hire a Mercenary’. This feature would be a fancy way of entering a multiplayer lobby. Players could hire a warrior (bring a player to their world), or be hired (enter another’s world). Not only does it make finding a partner easy, it never breaks the immersive feeling of the game.

Besides these features, I would love to see little improvements to combat, NPC communication, and more in depth cutscenes. I also hope the story becomes more fleshed out, as I think this universe is definitely one worth getting lost in.

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