Das Impressions of Dead Space 2 at E3 2010

By on June 17, 2010

Being a big fan of the original Dead Space and the ending that it had, having a sequel announced was met with skepticism and doubt. After seeing the demo from E3 nearly all of the doubts were cleared away in a instant. While the setting seems like the original game, there are plenty of new places including parks and outdoor areas that Dead Space couldn’t go. Some people think that the horror element of the game would be killed by taking away all the dark and dank areas; however that is totally wrong as all the new areas make the game more intense as now they can come out of every direction (especially in zero gravity).

Other things added were bigger monsters and better weapons. The monsters at times can get intense as you still have to cut off limbs, however some monsters can have 5-10 limbs that all attack you at once. This makes the game more of an action shooter while keeping the creepy feeling of the original.  Zero gravity was also amped up as you can now move in mid air which makes the zero gravity sections more exciting and intense. With those features and the new weapons to slice and dice monsters apart, Dead Space 2 looks to be on par or better then its predecessor.

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