Dead Cyborg details revealed

By on April 25, 2011

Endi launched the official website, as well as the first details of their upcoming FPS, sci-fi adventure game, Dead Cyborg. Dead Cyborg is a free, donation based sci-fi adventure game for Windows, Linux and Mac. The website hosts useful informations as well as screenshots, atworks, and trailers about the upcoming title. Furthermore, you will be able to download the first episode for free from its official website when the it is released.

The story is about the meaning of life… and death… in a rusty post-apocalyptic metal and concrete world. If you are keen on exploring the levels of FPS games, you like the old text adventures, or the sci-fi classics (like Lem, Dick, Bradbury etc.) – you will like this game.

Dead Cyborg contains atmospheric locations, deep storyline and mind-blowing puzzles for players who’ll like to visit an elaborate, unique storyworld.

The game will be published by episodes (3-5 hours of gameplay per episode). The first episode will be published in the middle of 2011. The next episodes will come when enough donation is paid for the first episode. The full game will have about 4 episodes long.

Donation plays a big role in the game’s life, while Dead Cyborg is a “Pay if you Like” game.

Enjoy the following debut trailer that was released some time ago.

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