The Death of the Playstation 3 is Imminent

By on September 3, 2010

Break out your flowers, the PS3 is heading to it’s death bed. The same disease that cursed our beloved Dreamcast is knocking on Sony’s door: piracy. Someone posted a working jailbreak a few days ago for the PS3 and now we have this:

Yes, that little metallic virus is called the ConsolePlug CP03057 and it’s about to strike in the hearts of PS3 owners everywhere. What is it? It’s a USB dongle that allows you to jailbreak your PS3 and install a backup manager. No screws, no glue, no shady trenchcoat man required. You plug it in, install software and go. It was nice knowing you PS3, good luck on your journey.

Of course, the proliferation of piracy all depends on how easy it is to implement. This one is frighteningly easy. Check out these instructions posted elsewhere:

How to Jailbreak Playstation 3, Playstation 3 Mod Chip Tutorial

Step 1
Switch off the console before connecting the USB PS Jailbreak. Follow the procedure depending on the console you own.

PlayStation 3 FAT
Simply turn off the console from the rear switch.
PlayStation 3 SLIM
It is essential to disconnect the power cord from the back of the console.

Step 2
Now connect the USB PS Jailbreak to any of the USB connectors on Playstation 3, make sure that you don’t have any other devices connected to PS3, as we jailbreak it.

Step 3
Press the ‘Power’ button on the console and then press the ‘Eject’ button. Notice how the two LED’s on PS Jailbreak USB turn on while the console is loading.

1. If the green light is lit, that means Playstation 3 Jailbreak is working properly.

2. If the red light is lit, that means Playstation 3 hasn’t loaded the Jailbreak correctly. This happens when you don’t properly press the ‘Power’ sequence and then ‘Eject’ button.

If you end up with the red light, repeat the process, making sure you have cut down power for Playstation 3 Fat, and have disconnected the power cord from the back of Playstation 3 Slim.

Step 4
Once the PS Jailbreak has loaded correctly, connect the USB external storage device with Back Up Manager console, that you downloaded before from the website.

Step 5
Go to game menu and move to option ‘Install Package Files’, and select Back Up Manager, ‘Manager.PKG’.

Step 6
Once the Back Up Manager is installed, select the Back Up Manager and press X button to run it.

Step 7
After you have opened the Back Up Manager, put in a DVD of the game and select whether to make a back up on the internal HDD, or the external USB storage device. If you want to make a back up on the external HDD, press Circle.

Step 8
To load a previously created back up, insert a game DVD in console then select the desired back up from the Back Up Manager and press X to install the game. You can also delete your previously created back up by pressing /\.

Note. The reason behind inserting a DVD in the console is to emulate the loading process.

Step 9
After installing the game, you are automatically redirected to the main menu where you can see the game installed and ready to be played.

Warning. Once the jailbreak is installed on the console, it can’t be uninstalled or removed.

• It may take up to 90 minutes to back up a game using PS Jailbreak, it took the tester in our case ‘PanaPozi’ about 90 minutes to back up God of War III.
• The online mode works perfect right now but you never know when PSN patches this exploit.
• It is impossible to install the updated to the games if they are installed on PS Jailbreak, but if you have DVD, the updates work as usual.
• It is impossible to jump the videos of the games that are installed on PS Jailbreak.
• Although the Back Up Manager is installed in the console, it is necessary to have PS Jailbreak properly connected and enabled to run the Back Up Manager.

Disclaimer. This guide is for testing and educational purposes only. We won’t be responsible for any loss of important data or malfunctioning of your device. You have been warned!

The End.

Of those instructions and of the Playstation 3.

Good bye Sony, I loved ye well.

PS. Das Reviews does not condone piracy in any shape or form unless it has Johnny Depp in it and is a swashbuckling good time.

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