Destructopus Available Now in App Store

By on May 3, 2011

Independent developers at GlitchSoft have finally unleashed their highly anticipated blockbuster title, Destructopus, to the App Store! This awesome looking, highly addicting 2D side-scroller has already gained impressive popularity with the international press, and is finally available to the casual consumer in the Apple iTunes App Store. Trailer after the jump!

Featuring pixel perfect controls, explosive physics-based action, demanding (but rewarding) attack combos and immensely challenging multipliers, Destructopus is all action from start to finish! Crisp, colorful and highly intuitive, this game proves that an old-school side scroller, if done right, is the perfect complement to your iOS handheld.

Having been though extensive testing and having received positive previews and exclusive reviews from major press outlets from all over the world, Destructopus is finally ready for the masses to enjoy! In this incredible action-packed game the world as we know it is in a downward spiral! Climate change, over industrialization, deforestation, and pollution are ruining the planet, and unless you intervene in time and fight for mother earth by destroying all mega-corporation polluters, the environment is doomed!

You play as the Destructopus, defender of the earth and a peace loving ocean creature, rudely awoken by oil exploration and facing the facts that nature has been put into chaos, and only you can do something about it! Pull out the big attacks! Roast those destructive polluters and put an end to the devastation of the earth! This is your rampage, and mercy is not an option!

Featuring side-scrolling 2D action-packed gameplay in 4 visually beautiful looking terrains to liberate including; city, forest, desert, and industrial, there is plenty of action with more than 25 enemy types (and end-of-level bosses). It’s more than enough to keep your destructive fingers dealing out revenge!

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