Dragonsoul – Male Warrior Class Introduced

By on May 31, 2011

Neonga introduced today via a press release the Male Warrior Class of Dragonsoul. Dragonsoul is a MMORPG that focuses on PvP, strategy and tactics. Players that choose this class will be able to use the blade of their choice, tactic skills that focus on enhancing main attacks and supporting abilities. Some of Warrior’s special skills are; Ground Slam, Power Strike and Melee Kill. Moreover, warriors will be able to specialize as either a Gladiator or a Champion.

As the press release reads:

Only rumored about in the foot prints of history, the Gladiator is a monster on the battlefield that fills the hearts of enemies with fear. Holding a weapon in either of his hands, the Gladiator attacks with fast speed and lethal damage. However, with his relentless rage comes less control over one’s skills. Only through constant brutal melee attacks a Champion can cause considerable damage to his foes. It’s not uncommon for a Gladiator to leave puddles of blood in his tracks after a battle.

A true soldier, the Champion is often found in the center of battle. With increased control over his attacks, area effect damage and instant burst of critical strikes – the Champion is well equipped to lead any party. Because of his rather slow attack speed, a Champion must plan his attacks well.

DragonSoul is scheduled to enter its open beta phase in June and players can now register for free. Just head over to its official site.

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