Drakensang Online enters Closed Beta – Open Beta within the next few months

By on April 7, 2011

Bigpoint announced today that Drakensang Online has entered the closed beta phase. According to a press release, after a successful internal closed beta, Bigpoint will be inviting hand-selected Drakensang fans to join the closed beta. The first wave of invitations will be sent this Monday.

In the Drakensang Online closed beta players will be able to test playing as Spellweavers or Dragonknights. Dragonknights will show off their prowess in close quarters combat, while the Spellweavers do their thing with impressive magic attacks. Once they create their own characters, players begin to walk the pilgrim’s path through the land of Duria. This seemingly-idyllic world is not without peril: Small monsters lurk in the shadows and offer the players their first chance at combat and gaining experience points. Those able to fend off these little devils will find refuge in the tranquil town of Grimford. From sword or magic trainers, to Bertram the merchant with goods from all four corners of the kingdom, or Alan the smith with the right weapons, Grimford has it all. Yet even here unrest hangs in the air. The villagers, mostly fishers and peat cutters, have been reporting dark and strange happenings to the north in Darbmoor. Players must unite to set out for Grimmagstone to uncover the source of these troubling occurrences.

The closed beta of Drakensang Online already demonstrates the unique mix of intense combat against the creatures of the Anderworld, the impressive character development, and exciting quests in a mysterious fantasy world. Drakensang Online is the first Drakensang title, in which players experience the captivating plot and game world alongside friends and fellow Drakensang fans – all this free to play and directly in the browser.

The Bigpoint Berlin development team tests the closed beta of Drakensang Online live on servers in both Germany and the USA to improve the game together with the fans and community over the next few months until the official launch. Week by week the Bigpoint development team will be unlocking more player accounts to experience the closed beta and perfect the gaming experience based on the fans’ suggestions before the official launch.

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