Duke Nukem: Critical Mass coming to Nintendo DS on May 25th

By on May 19, 2011

Apogee Software announced today the North American release date of Duke Nukem: Critical Mass for Nintendo DS. Duke Nukem: Critical Mass will hit DS on May 25th. The game will feature seven different gameplay modes, three difficulty settings, fifteen weapons and nine locations with over thirty levels. Moreover, Critical Mass will sport a two player co-op mode.

The press release reads:

Apogee Software today announced the North American release date for the upcoming action title Duke Nukem: Critical Mass™ celebrating Duke Nukem’s long overdue return to the gaming world and his first ever adventure for the Nintendo DS™ handheld system.

Duke is sent into the future; a future of total chaos and disaster where humankind has been nearly wiped out, all the babes have been captured and enslaved, and aliens rule with an iron fist; a world in trouble with horrendous monsters, alien pig cops, ridiculously oversized bosses and, of course, beautiful, scantily-clad babes galore – this game has all the ingredients a serious Duke Nukem fan needs.

Join Duke on his one-man mission to obliterate the aliens, save the babes, and repopulate the planet: “Don’t worry ladies, there’s plenty of Duke to go around!”

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