Dungeon Fighter Online Content Update

By on March 29, 2011

According to a press release we got today, Nexon America has released a brand new content update for Dungeon Fighter Online. Dungeon Fighter Online is a 2D classic side-scrolling arcade style beat ‘em up MMO and this new content adds a brand new ancient dungeon. This dungeon, dubbed the City of Noire Ferra, is located in Aphelia post where players will be greeted with six rooms of unrelenting zombies.

The once peaceful inhabitants of Noire Ferra became infected with the curse of the undead, encapsulated in a dimensional rift caused by the vicious Phantasmal Delezie. Dungeon Fighters will have to battle through Dark Elf Militia, Dark Elf Zombies and Shadow Seekers to ultimately face Phantasmal Delezie and his Necroplasms unleashed in the City of Noire Ferra.

Level 55 Dungeon Fighters thirsting for greater power and skill are now able to traverse high level dungeons, as well as ancient dungeons, for brand new rare and unique equipment that increase attack damage, recovery time and skill power.

Additionally, lower level Dungeon Fighters looking to extend their playability time are now able to easily acquire more Life Tokens, as well as buy more potions from NPCs throughout the game. This will reduce the time users must spend battling for item drops or visiting the Item Shop.

Fans of Nexon’s 2D side-scrolling adventure game MapleStory should also look for a special cross-promotion with Dungeon Fighter Online. MapleStory players who have never played Dungeon Fighter Online will be able to receive prizes from both games if they fulfill certain requirements. Along with other special Spring Break events, players should be on the lookout for special secret in-game event on April Fool’s Day.

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