Eukarion Tales – Marcus & Eladen released

By on May 2, 2011

Age of Games published today “Eukarion Tales – Marcus and Eladen”. “Eukarion Tales – Marcus and Eladen” is a game that is part of a series of Age of Games projects, set in the adventurous continent of Eukarion. The games has been inspired by medieval Europe and invites all fans of action-RPG to play online for free (PLAY IT NOW!).

With this release, Age of Games creates a world of adventure where player feedback is the central element of many future developments and in order to promote, improve and expand the development of this and other projects of the portal, Age Of Games have created the initiative “Supporters of the Age of Games” in which they ask users for a small amount of money so that they can give them, in exchange, a large number of games, special services and content.

Those who, having seen or tried this game, become a Heroic Supporter of the Age of Games, as well as having access to games and exclusive content from the portal dedicated to the supporters, will be able to play the special edition of “Eukarion Tales – Marcus & Eladen ” in which they can choose to play the character “the enchantress” and to undertake the epic adventure in the Mystic forest.

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