Expensive vs Cheap Cables, Some real Advice

By on February 17, 2011
A Cheaper Cable

A "cheaper" cable

We’ve all been there; you walk into the local Best Buy or Frys electronics to take a look at the HDMI Cable selection because you want to be able to connect your new Xbox or PS3 to a TV that is maybe just a bit further than the length of the included cable. The sales guy automatically points you to the most expensive Monster (SCAM) cable and rattles off fact after fact about how picture quality will be enhanced and colors will be more vibrant if you paid $100 for a cable you can get online for much MUCH less.

Unfortunately there is an entire industry built around the idea that the quality of a cable makes any difference in its performance. The fact of the matter is that in most cases, cheap cables and connectors work just as fine as their expensive brand named ones. The only reason this industry even exists is because not many people bother doing the research to find out that its all just a sham. Now with that said, you should be concerned about the quality of a cable in the respect that a very very poor quality cable can break on you after repeatedly taking it in and out of your console (but those are few and far in between).

When it comes to cables and connectors for your home entertainment system, don’t be seduced with the promises of platinum lined, diamond studded and expertly marketed excuses to part you from your hard earned money. When evaluating the cost of a cheap cable just make sure the thing isn’t so beat up that it will break on you. If is kind of like a video game disc in this regard. If its playable, its going to be the same game whether its on a standard DVD or a ruby encrusted DVD. Why pay more for essentially the same product?

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