Experience ‘FreeSpace’ like never before

By on February 16, 2011


We already know that Volition would kill to make FreeSpace 3. But what about all those fans that want to relieve it? Stay with us now, as we have some amazing news for you. Arparso is a mod team that loves Volition’s baby as much as you. So they made a mod for ‘Nexus: The Jupiter Incident’ that is called “FreeSpace: Evolution”. ‘FreeSpace: Evolution’ is basically a real-time strategy game that takes place in FreeSpace’s realm and aims to bring the frantic non-stop action of the original games to the tactical realm of a real-time-strategy game. So it’s time to step out of your fighter cockpit and prepare to experience the world of Freespace from a completely different perspective.

The 1.0 version  that was released a few days ago is perfectly compatible to the Nexus Skirmisher, so you can create your own skirmish battles for it and features:

  • 11 small to medium sized capital ships from the Freespace universe
  • 21 fighters and 13 bombers
  • 4 rather simple missions to get in touch with the mod
  • authentic Freespace music, sounds and graphics effects

You can download it from its ModDB page. Check out also its amazing trailer!

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